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A non craft dollar store find!

By March 7, 2018 What I love this week!
A must have for the home from a dollar store .

   Everyone is all a flutter about dollar store crafts, I however am all jazzed up about a wonderful cleaner. 

When you think dollar store its usually about what amazing crafts you can concoct for next to nothing. I however have found something that makes me grin. I have a house full of boys, so not to be to descriptive, but Pew!! If there was a magical spray to make it go away, oh wait there is!!

When I was working in the schools, I had the joy of a classroom full of boys as well, I know right, so lucky. I was constantly looking for air fresheners, candles, etc to ease the agony of sweaty teen smell . One day I wandered into the dollar store and found something awesome. There in all its glory on the shelf was a small can, Nothing super remarkable, no bright flashy colors, just simple easy marketing. I grabbed one up and read over the back label. It made a convincing enough case to buy it. I killed flu virus, cold virus, etc. Keep reading, and it gets rid of mold and mildew, well again I worked in a little corner of a portable where I worried about those things.

Look at what this works for!!

Chase’s Home value is a great dollar store find to freshen up the home.

True Tests

I purchased this can and took it directly to my classroom. This dollar store find has been my hero ever since. It truly gets rid of smells, I have found there is less sickness going through our home, and in those dark corners of the home ( we all have them.) I have not seen mold or mildew. It is awesome. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this. With that said, The recently came out with a scent called country rain. I do not happen to be a fan of it, it is a little too clinical smelling for me. I have a weird background where smells that remind me of like a hospital environment make me weird out.

The other thing I love about it, I can use it in the trash can daily and my house does not smell. I don’t know about you, but having a toddler in the house, and his friends over, makes for a trash can full of scents no one wants to enjoy. I spray the can like 3-5 times a day ( after diaper deposits) and the house smells fresh. It works so fast! Now if you don’t want to wander into the dollar store, although why would you not, you can always go online here and purchase it.

Do you have any other secrets to freshen up your space? I’d love to have you share them.

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