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My Child Needs Me, So Does Yours

By September 21, 2017 Family Life

With school starting back up, your child needs you to be their rock. They need us to be their protector and their advocate. 

Usually I am happy to write blog posts on my child doing something ridiculous. He is notorious for doing so. However, I have run into a similar conversation over the last couple weeks that has really struck a cord in me. I may sound like I am ranting, but honestly, I am trying to champion.

We wait nine months for this amazing little bundle of awesome to arrive. Fawning and swearing that we will do anything for this child, we take them to the doctor, and do check ups. However, somewhere in there some us become selfish. We may notice something seems amiss with our baby. Maybe their breathing is causing issues, maybe they are delayed in milestone achievements. I have trouble here. People I have talked to become more concerned with how they feel about the situation.

Instead of becoming an advocate for their child, they enter denial. Brushing off comments, and concerns of friends and family as unfounded. My darling dino following, please read this next sentence twice if you need to. Your child’s health is more important than your ego. You did not choose to give your child whatever they may have. My son has a growth hormone deficiency. I didn’t plot for it to happen. It happened. I refused to bury my head. I stepped up and made the calls, hounded doctors, and tried to move heaven and earth to get the testing done and the meds started. He is now growing and healthy and I couldn’t be happier.

No one wants to hear that their child is being diagnosed with something. Its scary, and it is much easier to want to ignore its happening. When you hear the diagnosis, your world feels like it may stop for a minute, but it doesn’t stop. Your child is still the wonderful bundle of awesome you brought into this world. The only difference to your world now is that you have to step up in ways you maybe didn’t think of before.

I feel like I am ranting, but truly, having your child diagnosed with a condition does not discredit your ability to be a parent, it also doesn’t mean your child will never reach the potential you hoped. People who have disabilities break barriers all the time. The first thing they usually say is that it was the support of their family and their never ending cheerleading that got them there. Overall, I just want to reassure you, there are many very helpful doctors, nurses, therapists and techs who can open so many doors for you and a child who may have a disability. Please, take those opportunities.


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