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A non craft dollar store find!

By March 7, 2018 What I love this week!
A must have for the home from a dollar store .

   Everyone is all a flutter about dollar store crafts, I however am all jazzed up about a wonderful cleaner. 

When you think dollar store its usually about what amazing crafts you can concoct for next to nothing. I however have found something that makes me grin. I have a house full of boys, so not to be to descriptive, but Pew!! If there was a magical spray to make it go away, oh wait there is!!

When I was working in the schools, I had the joy of a classroom full of boys as well, I know right, so lucky. I was constantly looking for air fresheners, candles, etc to ease the agony of sweaty teen smell . One day I wandered into the dollar store and found something awesome. There in all its glory on the shelf was a small can, Nothing super remarkable, no bright flashy colors, just simple easy marketing. I grabbed one up and read over the back label. It made a convincing enough case to buy it. I killed flu virus, cold virus, etc. Keep reading, and it gets rid of mold and mildew, well again I worked in a little corner of a portable where I worried about those things.

Look at what this works for!!

Chase’s Home value is a great dollar store find to freshen up the home.

True Tests

I purchased this can and took it directly to my classroom. This dollar store find has been my hero ever since. It truly gets rid of smells, I have found there is less sickness going through our home, and in those dark corners of the home ( we all have them.) I have not seen mold or mildew. It is awesome. I cannot tell you enough how much I love this. With that said, The recently came out with a scent called country rain. I do not happen to be a fan of it, it is a little too clinical smelling for me. I have a weird background where smells that remind me of like a hospital environment make me weird out.

The other thing I love about it, I can use it in the trash can daily and my house does not smell. I don’t know about you, but having a toddler in the house, and his friends over, makes for a trash can full of scents no one wants to enjoy. I spray the can like 3-5 times a day ( after diaper deposits) and the house smells fresh. It works so fast! Now if you don’t want to wander into the dollar store, although why would you not, you can always go online here and purchase it.

Do you have any other secrets to freshen up your space? I’d love to have you share them.

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Bye Bye Pain

By October 25, 2017 What I love this week!
Pain ease and at times removal!

When you suffer a daily pain, any relief is welcome. When the relief makes it almost disappear, you do a happy dance!!

You know you’re old when you get out of bed, and you hurt. You greet your spouse with, ” I slept ok,  just hurt like crazy.” I have woke up so many mornings saying that sentence. By no means do I believe I am old. I feel like a teenager most days. First thing in the morning, I am in pain. I have plantar fasciitis.  It causes foot pain. Getting out of bed is like watching an eighty year old run a race. It’s so awful. Once I get moving and put on my shoes with my oh so young inserts for support on, I feel better.

I have been dealing with this for over a year. It is awful that I can’t chase my T-Rex like I want to. However, the other day I was at a craft fair. I was there as a vendor, selling my art work at craft fairs, and two stalls down from me was the cutest little girl. She made the whole weekend worth every moment. I made my way down to the booth her mother ran, and made introductions. She was just as sweet as her daughter. I began to inquire about what it was she did, and I am so glad I did!!

A nurse by trade she had decided to start a new venture when she had her daughter. She had this amazing line of health and beauty products she made in her home. Now, I love natural things.  Her while line was natural products. She had things for anti-aging, muscle rub, facial treatment, lips treatment, etc. I loved it. It all smelled amazing. I decided since I had issues with my feet and migraines, I would try her muscle rub.

I am in love with it! It is helping the pain in my feet tremendously. I rub a bit on in the morning and a bit in the evening. It has allowed me to pop up out of bed, and to run around barefoot for a while during the day. I was so giddy and have used it faithfully. The best part, it is so affordable! You feel great, with amazing health benefits, and for an amazing price. I love to pamper myself. You can see that from my reviews of Posh products here.

I hope you give her a try. She has so many amazing products. I truly hope you will check out her store on Etsy.


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Coffee oh sweet sweet coffee

By June 26, 2017 What I love this week!
Can't be blue when coffee is this good!

It seems no matter where you look today there is someone with this sweet nectar of life waiting to be sold. I’m from Idaho, so one of my major favorites happens to be Dutch Bros. I love their Nutty Irishman coffee and my darling little coffee addict in training loves their not so hot cocoa for kids with a shot of blue raspberry. Now before you cringe at that, it is delicious I stole a sip and I love it too.
I love my drive through coffee, however, I can’t always stop. Maybe its not budgeted, maybe it’s not time allotted, on days like that, that’s when I love my coffee I brew at home. Now we do brew just plain ol’ coffee some days, sadly most days, but when the Apatosaurus is away well Heather gets to play! I have a wonderful coffee from Long Valley Coffee,LLC. My favorite is Huckleberry. I am a huge fan of huckleberry anything really. I love the jellies, jams, tea, pies, syrups. Ok I got off on a tangent there, but I love this flavor.
I actually live really close to the company, they are in a beautiful section of the Idaho mountains. The owners are very down to earth and fun. I met them at a kid’s expo. My son, and my 4 niece and nephews were  in tow. Woman on the edge had to have been the look I was sporting. He smiled and offered me coffee. Now he also was funny and had a great personality to be a salesman of coffee, but the important thing here was he offered me coffee. Ha! Seriously , though, he was a wealthy of info on the ways to prep the coffee for different flavors. My favorite way to make my coffee is with a bit of cocoa, it makes the berry flavor burst in each sip. I’ve also added in Vanilla syrup from DaVinci as well and its a tasty treat.
I love the huckleberry , but it is not the only flavor, nor the only type of coffee they have. While the huckleberry is a dark roast, they have seven varieties of coffees. I stood at that man’s booth and gave each a fair shake, I did mention I had 5 kids with me right? They are all delicious. You are welcome to give them a try if you go to their website
The other thing I love about this company, is it is all family owned and operated. When I stopped at their table, it was the family there all together answering questions, laughing, and interacting with the people stopping by. It never felt like you were being sold to, just stopping by and seeing what the family was up to, and getting to try it out too. Seeing as it was a kid’s expo, I can tell you the parents were all excited for a booth that was not a spinning wheel of crap to bring home and step on. It was for us! A wonderful cup of dark steamy love. Wow, that last line may have come across very Danielle Steele, but in the moment it was very much a love affair.

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Pampering Yourself

By June 4, 2017 What I love this week!

I am not a big girlie girl. I grew up camping, riding motor cycles, playing in the dirt, and building forts. Don’t get me wrong, I had my Barbie dolls and my stuffed animals and my dress up gear. As I grew up, I found I needed very little makeup, and was not that into the latest fashions. I do so love however to pamper myself in the areas of hair care and lotions and nails. I especially fell in love with Perfectly Posh products.

I absolutely love everything I try from them. I use their soaps, moisturizers, hand lotions, body butters, foot scrubs, and my most recent love is their End Mend!! I have crazy thick hair. I also have a toddler who happens to embody the spirit of a tiny T-Rex. To say my hair gets to be a tangled mess is sometimes the understatement of the century. I used all kinds of things. Coconut oil, argon Oil, Johnson and Johnson detanglers. Nothing made me feel like the world had been set aright, until my sister gave me a sample of end mend.

My sister sells Posh products, its kinda like being related to a crack dealer. She sends me things to try and then I’m hooked. End Mend is my love, its my hair heroin . You spritz it in on your damp hair, and I literally wait like a minute. The amount of time for me to put the bottle down, answer where Lightening McQueen is located and grab my brush. My brush glides through my hair. I don’t want to sound overly dramatic, but seriously Ice-capades looks clunky next to this glide. The beauty is, it lasts,  I wash my hair every other day and I love how my hair has barely any tangles in it day two, and if by chance there is one, it takes no time to ease it out.

There are few things in my hair regime, seriously it is pretty sad that my hubby has more hair products than I do, but this, this is put on a pedestal. I share my morning routines with Little T, and he gets lotion, and moisturizers, and his hair did, but he absolutely doesn’t get mommy’s end mend.

If you have hair that tangles easy, be it thin or thick, I so would give it a try here and look under their products. You could also check out the other new love of mine, their absolute passion coconut oil! Just saying 😉 take some time to pamper yourself, and the beauty of the Perfectly Posh company is everything is $25 and under!! You can enjoy all the pampering for a great price and know its natural and good for you too!

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You don’t have to work at a bar to be this guy’s friend.

By April 13, 2017 What I love this week!

My kitchen is my blessing and my curse. We have a very distinct love hate relationship that we struggle with daily. I tenderly care for it , clean it, put my beautiful dishes in its care and keeping. I create warm meals and baked goods in the heart of my kitchen. How does it repay me? It gets filthy . Dishes clutter the sink, it invites my family to stack who knows what all over the once clean counters. Its infuriating. To top it all off, what else do I get for my hard and delicious work? Rust and black marks all in my sink.

I have always had a thing about keeping my sink clean. I think it stems from the fact that I am there so often and a far away voice always echos to keep your space tidy. Yes I realize I may be a bit obsessive over it, but that’s a story for another time. In our current home, I have noticed this sink get the black marks on the porcelain and the rust around the drains something terrible. It is a daily battle , well it was a daily battle. I would scrub and use every once of elbow grease I could manage and only to get the smallest of portions of it removed.

I am an admitted Pinterest junkie. Who isn’t? If you just shook your head and said to yourself, or even out loud, well I am not, I am calling bologna! I went to my go to research tool, Pinterest of course, and looked up ways to get rust and black marks off your sink. One thing kept popping up. Bar Keepers friend. I thought, huh, I betcha it’s a super strong pricey cleaner, and I passed it by. Then, one day moseying through Walmart, I saw an entire end cap display of Bar Keepers friend. It was under $2.00 and I was going to give it a go.

I got home and I made a bee line for my sink. I spritzed my water, I sprinkled the powder, I rubbed over it with my scrubby. I stood back and was shocked. It truly did work like a miracle. It took off the black marks, the rust, and it made me oh so curious. I had a pair of pruning shears that had a bit of rust on them , so I spritzed it with water, sprinkled the powder and Presto!

            Before I used Bar Keepers Friend


It took off the rust. I was so excited, I used it on a cookie sheet I was getting ready to toss, and now its back in the cupboard! I love this stuff. I cannot say enough how much. Although, after the cookie sheet, my husband may be able to relay the fact that I was almost dancing in the kitchen. I would point out I was much happier then he was, and he should have been happy, I saved him money on another cookie sheet! I highly recommend giving it a go. I will not go without it in my cupboard anymore.









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Oh I love a good disappearing trick!

By April 4, 2017 What I love this week!

I am surrounded by boys. Even the pets are boys! I am a lone woman in a jungle full of smelly boy funk. I usually don’t mind the cars and the rocking horse. However, when it gets to be the funky stains of Lord only knows what that I start to really wish I had a girl to give me a reprieve of the weirdness that occurs in my laundry room. From food stains to dirt, grass, and I think somehow a worm stained a pair of pants ( at least that’s a story I would get.) It is overwhelming, and clothes are expensive! I can’t even count the number of times I pull a brand new shirt over T-Rex’s head only to look at it an hour later and wonder what in the world is all that insanity all over him!

My saving grace that I discovered years ago in a hobby and fabric shop is my Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover. I love this stuff, I cannot even begin to tell you how much. It gets out everything! I had a friend who washed her favorite lipstick ( pause for a moment of silence for the poor lipstick) and it was all over her nice blouse. I had her pick some up and it took it all out! It has this great list of all the things you can get out with it


I was over the moon when I discovered this in our Walmart. I was even more excited to see it came in the little dauber bottle I originally had and a big spray bottle. With my house full of guys, I opted for the big bottle and have yet to regret that decision. I have to say a little does go a long way so I don’t have to buy it a lot , but I use it all the time.

I had just finished my laundry when I decided to write this so I have no before and after pictures of the laundry to show you, but I will say I am not getting paid to tell you how awesome they are and I am still saying it! It has to mean something . I also love that they don’t test on animals, because although a lot of people don’t anymore, I just always like to be sure. I love animals and I don’t need them to try it out on these poor defenseless critters just to make my whites white again.

So if you are in an endless pile of stains every now and again you may just want to try this out and see how you like it. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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The Healing Power of Chocolate

By March 28, 2017 What I love this week!

Let me begin by saying, no I am not about to convince you in any way shape or form that chocolate is going to cure your tennis elbow, or fix a leaky roof. What I will tell you is that many moons ago, the Aztecs started mixing up drinks with cacao and there is a whole lot of refinement and beauty that brought about the amazement of the pure delight exploding in your mouth when you eat a piece of chocolate today. I can say that some doctors get behind a moderate amount of chocolate daily.

Yes, dark chocolate is the best for you. It helps with heart health, depression, and a host of other things that justify in my head the reason that if dark chocolate is good for you, then milk chocolate must be good for you, too. It has calcium from milk , so therefore it does a body good, right! Oh and hey, if milk chocolate has calcium then white chocolate must be good too because its white like milk and isn’t technically really chocolate according to some people. I can sit all day and reason as to why chocolate is good for you. However, this week I decided chocolate is the thing I love because, well chocolate loves me back!

I have started a quiet love affair with chocolate. When the vacuum broke, I told chocolate about it. It held me wrapped in its warm silky taste and whispered, “Its gonna be OK, sweetie.” Chocolate is very reassuring. When the baby decided to take a header into the entertainment stand and got stitches, chocolate told me , ” Hey! You’re a good mom, you just told him to slow down. It’s really a Disney issue if you think about it, he thought he was a race car!” I thought, wow chocolate you could be a lawyer. When the phone screen broke, chocolate smiled and said” Oh you don’t want to talk to anyone now anyway, you’re too upset.” I decided then that chocolate is very perceptive of my emotions.

I’m not suggesting anyone go out and binge on chocolate to solve your issues, I’m not. I won’t lie to you either, I always have chocolate in my house. It makes me happy, and it tastes like heaven in any form. If I could have Chris Pratt and Keanu Reeves just hanging out at my house playing video games with me and cooking dinner that’d make me happy too, but I have chocolate. In moderation it is great for me. It lightens my mood, it makes me smile, it adds pounds on while I am trying to work them off. When it does that, chocolate always tells me I am beautiful and worth it though. Chocolate likes me curvy.

I am not even picky on the form I get my chocolate in. My darling hubby will occasionally bring me a candy bar. I have been known to whip up brownies and cake. I love the joy of it all. I don’t feel too bad, everyone has a decadent treat they love. Although it may not be a sweet, maybe your love is a dill pickle or sardines. What’s your secret treat that you love? I’d love to know.

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