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We all fall down, and some of us get stitches!

By April 4, 2017 Family Life

I love my child. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew, I just knew I was going to have a tough kiddo. It didn’t matter if it was a girl or a boy, I was going to have a kid with some grit. My tiny T-Rex has just that. He is so rough and tumble and he is always in some sort of race or fight with something. I love it.

What I do not love, is when I have just poured my first cup of coffee in the morning and sat down in the warm sunshine to watch said little dino run about and as the words are exiting my mouth, ” Slow down son, not so fast!”, my little man took a header right into the corner of the entertainment stand. In slow motion I watched as my son’s head bounced off the corner and his smile faded into a look of shock then sheer pain.

I rushed like an EMT to his side, swooped him up and cuddled him close. As I pulled his head back to survey the damage, a miniature horror show erupted before my eyes. My sweet little boy looke das if he’d stepped out of Carrie. His face was drenched in blood. My dear husband did excellent as I shouted orders for washcloths, and then immediately to have him retrieve keys. As I got a closer look at the gash o his head, one word echoed through my head and made its way out my mouth. Stitches!!

My little man is only 2. Now I told you he was rough and tumble, and I completely had wagered on a broken bone by three. He knows absolutely no fear except that of a changing table in a public restroom. That’s a story for another time though. So, as I loaded my tiny bleeding little kid in the car, I had to remind myself he was tough, and this is what kids do. Then the bad mom took over and began yelling, ” You broke your baby!!” I really get annoyed by bad mom, and the waves of guilt that hit were awful.

It is that moment between guilt and calm mom that you have to pause and realize, this truly is what kids do! Each nurse that peeked at his adorable little face smiled and said, “Oh just wait, more will come. ” and chuckled as they walked away. I felt a little relieved when they giggled, but then I looked at more poor baby.  He smiled so sadly as I told him time and again he was going to be ok and it was a small bonk.

After 4 stitches and promises of I think about every item a 2 year old could want we were able to walk out of the hospital and from the whole mess, my little guy learned a few things.

  1.  When mom says, “Slow Down ” it really means to slow your body down!
  2.  We learned how to tell everyone we have stitches and make the best sad face to accompany it.
  3.  Nothing beats a good cup of Dutch Brothers on the way home as a reward for not passing out during our stitches.

I am thrilled that this little adventure is over, and after a week stitches come out, and all that is left is a small scar and a great story. Have you ever had one of your little ones crash and burn? How did you and they handle it? I’d love to know.

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A Full Circle.

By March 28, 2017 Family Life

I can remember sitting in my second grade class as my teacher Mrs. VonLindern was beginning a unit on dinosaurs, and I fell in love. The awesome images of these giant reptiles captured my heart and I wanted more than ever to be a paleontologist. Now that is a million dollar word for a second grader and I told my mom I wanted to be one , and in true supportive mom fashion she was 100% behind it.

As I grew, my love for dinos never truly diminished. Reality crept in and the more I researched the more I realized it was not a career you went into thinking you’d make a good deal of money. My hope for the career waned and I still fostered my love of the beasts, but less hope in a job dealing with them. I moved forward in life and worked in the education system and my favorite topic was, well it was art, but I also loved life science and talking about , you guessed it, dinosaurs.

I ended up marrying my friend I met in first grade, and we began a family of our own. The nurse about fell over laughing when at the ultrasound I asked her to confirm to my husband and mom that I was in fact having a T-Rex! I was having a little ( giant) boy, and we ended up nicknaming him T-Rex. As I was watching him the other day, I realized my world had come full circle. Here I was sitting watching my T-Rex romp and stomp and growl around the house.  My other son reminded me of a triceratops, grazing about and not real ambitious unless well motivated. My husband reminded me of an Apatosaurus, gentle and kind, loves salad. I am surrounded by dinosaurs!

It was at that moment a silly grinned plastered itself to my face and I wanted more than ever to tell Mrs. VonLindern thank you so much for putting me on a career path to awesomeness. So if by some amazing chance the stars align and you are reading this, thank you so much for the unit on dinosaurs, and as a side note, our invisible thinking caps too!

Naturally, after thinking about it, I thought how funny it would be to tell of my adventures with these creatures I lived with. As if by some weird chance, I was roaming the internet and checking out blogs and came across the 30 day blog challenge. I decided to sign up and it has become a wonderful dream. I get to do something I love, write, and I get to share it with everyone. My family is crazy, and they make me giggle. I also love to make things with them or try new things out, and why not share it all. I hope that this adventure continues to be a fun and rewarding experience for us all!

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